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CapitalKeys works closely with our clients to tackle hurdles, realize exponential growth and thrive. Our entire team is involved in addressing the individual client challenges and incorporating our  collective expertise on behalf of our clients.  Among our successes, CapitalKeys has assisted our clients by:

  • Building and implementing successful strategies to satisfy business, political and media objectives
  • Providing creditability to corporations and/or individuals faced with a certain task that requires our presence
  • Building strategic relationships with opinion leaders
  • Influencing a particular policy debate
  • Opening and supporting lines of communication with political, business, and financial leaders affecting the client’s success in the market
  • Identifying and addressing political and regulatory risks
  • Establishing on the ground political, corporate, and non-governmental partnerships
  • Building and enhancing a network of relationships in the client’s market
  • Assistance with business development activities to grow revenue and profits
  • Building sales  through helping clients garner new customers from previously untapped and inaccessible markets both public and private
  • Advising and sheparding clients through complex negotiations both internally and externally
  • Managing crises and issues clients face
  • Assistance with dispute resolutions including hiring and supervising litigation firms
  • Assistance with obtaining an entry visa into the United States
  • Conducting corporate due diligence to enhance competitive strengths and satisfy funding sources
  • Valuation strategies for acquisitions, stock issuances, and brokerage presentation
  • Seeking private sector partners and brokering strategic agreements
  • Ability to structure  and advise companies to go  public "IPO"
  • Review and action plans to restructure companies and cut costs
  • Offering keen insights into domestic and international markets
  • Analyzing and offering strategic counsel for domestic and foreign investments
  • Exploring international opportunities and solving problems that might occur
  • Coordinating funding and exit strategy opportunities
  • Seeking acquisition targets and potential buyers
  • Providing a Washington, D.C. office presence complete with support staff and conference rooms

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